Frequently Asked Questions
What is is a privacy-oritented site that enables users to either pay for Bitcoin transactions using their Monero, or to simply use it to exchange their Monero for Bitcoin.

What are you exchange fees?

Fees are variable depending on how much you are sending. 6% if you send ~$30-$75, 4% if you send ~$75-$150, 3% if you send ~$150-300$ 2% for any amount over $300 in addition to network/mining fees.

How do you track users?

We don't. Our database is wiped on a weekly basis.

I sent the funds after the transaction expired. HELP!

If you sent the funds to us to be exchanged and the transaction expired, contact support and we can either issue a refund or send the funds to their appropriate destination.

I didn't send enough crypto

In the likely event that you didn't send the exact amount that you chose to be transacted, your order will automatically re-adjust the amount to distribute based on the amount you sent.

How long does the process take?

In order to complete a Monero transaction, we use the conventional standard imposed on most exchanges, which is 10 confirmations. This could take anywhere from 20-40 minutes to finalize depending on the network fee you set when sending your Monero. We recommend the fastest priority since Monero costs just fractions of a dollar to send. Your Bitcoins will then be distributed almost immediately.

What is the minimum and maximum coin I can send?

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile financial instruments, so limits are variable and must be adjusted to reflect the current market conditions. But typically expect the minimum amount to be sent at approximately $30 USD and the maximum that can be sent is approximately $500 USD. These limits are subject to change.

My issue isn't listed here. How do I contact you?

Please contact us at: [email protected].

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